All Fix on the run repair services are covered by a warranty for serviced device for 3 months.  Scope of Warranty Coverage Screen/LCD and any other repaired or replaced parts that malfunction, or do not work as intended or designed.
Warranty is limited to the parts and/or service(s) that were paid for. If only parts were purchased, warranty is limited to the replacement of the parts. If parts and repair service were purchased, warranty extends to cover the labor cost of part replacement and any other repairs specifically resulting from the initial repair, except in the situations outlined below. Warranty Does Not Protect Against After the repair, the warranty does not protect against: -Mishandling that causes the frame to bend, twist, or Water damage
-Accidental or purposeful drops
-Tampering with internal hardware
-Damage resulting from attempted customer repairs
-Software issues unrelated to the repair
-Jailbroken devices
-New damages unrelated to the original repair
-Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair - customers are advised to back up all data prior to repair attempt. Our warranty also does not cover the outcome of a repair if certain pre-repair conditions exist, including: Existence of known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to the repair.
Existence of damage to the frame of device, as noted prior to the repair
Water damage
Jailbroken devices
Tampering with internal hardware: under certain conditions, internal damage may make a repair impossible. Your repair specialist will be able to explain in further detail upon diagnosing your specific device. If in doubt, we recommend that you do not attempt to repair on your own, as any damage may affect the reparability of your device.
The warranty is valid only for the specific device repaired and the original customer; it is not transferable across devices or if the device is sold or given to another individual. I understand that Fix on the run has no liability for any data loss, which may occur as a result of work done on my device. I also understand that I am responsible for backing up the device before allowing Fix on the run to work on my device in the event of any data loss and hardware or software failure. I understand that repairs may void manufacturer warranties for this device. Fix on the run do not take any liability or warranty in the event that the manufacturer warranties are voided but may, at its sole discretion, offer its own warranty on the parts and/or services performed. Limited Warranty Company warranty is valid 3 months from the date the Parts or Accessories are provided to you, each Part and Accessory provided to you under this Agreement will be materially free of manufacturing defects. Company’s sole obligation, and your sole remedy, under this warranty is limited to, at Company’s sole discretion, repair or replacement of the defective Part or Accessory. This warranty is not-transferable.
Company’s obligations under this warranty are conditioned on your prompt notification to both iTech and Company of any warranty claim and complying with Company’s then-current warranty procedures provided to you. This warranty specifically excludes any Part or Accessory that was altered, repaired, or modified by a party other than Fix on the run without Company’s prior written consent; any defects, damage or errors that occurred after the repair were the result of improper testing, installation, storage, mishandling, abuse, misuse, accident or causes other than ordinary use of the Part or Accessory, or use of the Part or Accessory in conjunction with another product which is incompatible, or of an inferior quality; warranty claims by any individual other than you, or warranty claims after the Warranty Period; and any warranty claim for which Company determines that there is no defect in the returned Part or Accessory.

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